Join Krakow Photomonth Team: become Volunteer!

Once again, we invite enthusiasts of photography, art and many similar fields to create the festival with us! Join #wolomfk! We are waiting for your applications until March 14, 2021.

Last year, filled with many challenges, clearly showed us that the strength of #wolomfk is based on teamwork. Krakow Photomonth 2020 opened us to different and new forms of cooperation that we want to continue this year during the upcoming 19th edition! We have decided to open #wolomfk for collective work in various areas and focus on team spirit  volunteers work in many intersecting areas, developing their passions and acquiring skills required in their future jobs.

Why is it worth it?

  • you can develop your skills in many different areas – from technical and manual work during the assembly of exhibitions, through the development of artistic passions and photographic skills, to organizational experience related to the teamwork
  • we offer participation in specialized sections like social media or photojournalism
  • you will become an ambassador and co-organizer of one of the most important photography events in Europe
  • you will gain friendships for years – the #wolomfk team is a group of young people who support and constantly inspire each other
  • you will be able to cooperate with us at various stages of the festival such as producing exhibitions, supporting accompanying events, distributing promotional materials or supporting the Festival Center – you will see how large events such as an international festival are organized
  • you will meet many photography enthusiasts, as well as world-famous artists working in a wide field of visual arts


Read more about #wolomfk and complete the application form. DEADLINE: March 14, 2021!

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